Wait! I’m not artistic enough to go to art classes!

“I’m not artistic enough to go to art classes.” If I had a dollar for every time I heard that!

By definition the word artistic means to show imagination and skill. It can also mean to be creative, imaginative, inventive or original. And guess what? You’re at least one of those things, if not all of them!

There are so many people in this world that decide not to do things because they aren’t artistic enough/good enough/smart enough/insert-excuse-here. This isn’t something unique to art classes. It’s something that crosses our minds whenever we start something new or when we compare ourselves to others.

I absolutely adore Bollywood dancing! I remember going to my first class and thinking, “Gosh I can’t do this, I’m not as good as the Bollywood dancers that you see on TV! Or even the other students in this class!”

But you know what? I surrendered to the experience. I let my limiting thoughts and negative voices in my head go and went to my first class. I am so grateful that I did as I got to experience such a beautiful environment. I got to open my heart to new possibilities, new friends and learnt how to dance Bollywood-style.


Photo art created by Ellen McDermott


Something especially important that I learnt from this experience is that my dance movements, like anyone else’s, are just expressions of my own creative self. I will never look or dance like anyone else in my class – it’s simply not possible as we are all unique and different.

This notion of being unique and different should be taken with you into your next art class. It’s not a question of are you artistic enough to join an art class! Your true creative self will shine through you and your artwork no matter what. However it looks it will be always be unique and ‘artistic’.

You will naturally be different to everyone else in the class. You will be creative,you will use your imagination and you will give life to some original artwork that is a part of you and your journey.

So next time you tell yourself that you are not artistic enough to go to art classes, stop and say this instead:

“I am artistic. I am creative. My art and life are an expression of who I am and will never be the same as someone else.”

My hope is that this post has helped you realise that we are all artistic and nothing should be stopping you from grabbing an old shirt, your creative energy and heading down to a local art class to be uniquely you!

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve triumphed over a limiting belief to do something you dreamed of (whether it was attending an art class or something completely different!).

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