I’m located in Melbourne and love to travel for workshops or retreats by arrangement. Please send me any art questions, inspirations or ideas for future offerings.


Here’s one of Jo’s commission paintings and a testimonial

“When I commissioned a piece of Art for my Personal Training Studio, I found it hard to articulate to Jo exactly what I wanted to achieve or what I would like the work to represent. However Jo also has an amazing talent and patience for asking the right questions to capture the emotions and energy that are important to you.
I knew I wanted to capture the high energy and passion that physical exercise represents, but also to capture a calmness and confidence that follows a Training session when ‘feel good endorphins’ are released.
When I saw the final piece I was absolutely blown away. Jo had the fantastic idea of using a Labyrinth in the Centre of the painting. I have since attended one of Jo’s workshops during which I learnt how the Labyrinth can be used as a path to self-empowerment.
I love the colours used in the final layer of the painting which represent the morning sky and all the possibilities of a New Day! Whenever I’m feeling in need of motivation I look at the painting and it reminds me that I am in control of my destination and all of the possibilities that the day can bring!
As such we decided to call the piece “Awakening”
Thank you Jo, I love it and the energy that it brings to my studio!”