I offer a private commission service for clients that require an artwork that is unique and personal to them. A commissioned artwork is a great way to record transitional times in your life, honour the past or embrace the future. Examples include moving house, the birth of a child, the loss of a loved one, the completion of study, the start of retirement or the achievement of a personal goal. The possibilities are endless.

At your direction, I can create a piece based on a theme, natural material, person or place that is significant to you. I can incorporate your own treasures and materials or if required, use materials from my own personal collection.

“Tangible Spirit” is a beautiful example of a commissioned piece.

Susan’s Testimonial

“Jo Parkinson has an incredible Spiritual gift in her love of nature and ability to express her gentleness in her art work.
When creating this painting Jo asked me some questions about what I would like it to represent. I wished to express Spiritual expansiveness, connection to my Guidance team, my healing work and the touchstones of abundance in my life. In short I wanted the painting to reflect my Spiritual journey to date, which was difficult to express at the time.
Jo brought tears to my eyes when she delivered this painting as I not only felt that she had touched my Spirit as softly and gently as an Angel, but achieved a seemingly impossible task, by making it manifest in this original and beautiful piece of work.
I am extremely honoured to be able to hang “Tangible Spirit” in my own healing room.”

Susan Mills

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Sarah’s Testimonial

“I was so touched when I received my commissioned piece. Jo truly captured the energy of my work and what I hold dear to me. It’s no mistake that the piece is called Truth. I can feel the love and integrity not only of Jo’s energy but of the natural fibres, seeds and pods infused into the piece. I totally love it.”

Sarah K Jones

Sarah saw Jo’s painting Honesty at her 2009 exhibition. The painting had sold so she asked Jo to create something similar to ‘that truth painting’ that she has seen. ‘Truth’ became the name of the piece!

Sarah wanted an artwork for her healing room that contained a nurturing and grounding energy for herself and her clients. She requested seed pods from the Honesty plant, colours that would complement her décor and a size that would fit her room.

At Sarah’s direction, Jo created a piece using her unique style and technique. For grounding, she used red Lang Lang sandstone in the base layer of the painting and applied the paint with pieces of paperbark, some of which became embedded in the paint. Paperbark has a nurturing and nourishing quality. To finish off she placed a few Honesty seeds and some of their pearlescent seed pods on the top layer of the painting. Jo delivered this piece for Sarah and provided her with a copy of its story.

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