Hello! I’m Jo Parkinson an Artist, Initiatic Art Therapist and lover of all things creative. I run healing and transformative art classes, workshops and retreats. Wherever I’m working I create a warm and inviting sanctuary for my students.

I work with women and children who are wanting to express and explore themselves as well as to manifest their inner landscape by creating unique works of art.

Whether in my Melbourne studio or in the wilds of Northern Sumatra, Sri Lanka or Bali, I hold space for creativity, openness and healing. I believe that art should be easy, flowing and therapeutic – not anything to worry about.

On the surface it may be playing with art materials in a super fun and creative space, but really it’s a deeply nourishing and nurturing time when you can listen to those inner whispers – your intuition.

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“Pure Potential” by Joanne Parkinson.

For me it’s about inviting in the unlimited possibilities all around and being open to feeling vulnerable with new experiences that push me out of my comfort zone. The natural materials included are paper bark, a blue egg shell, dragon fly wings and a blue feather.



“Joy” by Joanne Parkinson

“Last year I attended Jo’s exhibition on the chakras and was drawn to one of her paintings titled “Joy”. I think it was the colour that attracted me, the deep orange seemed to glow so radiantly and I also loved the title. The fact that Jo’s work in so tactile, and you can see all the “bits” of nature she includes in her pieces, make them truly unique. This beautiful piece of art adds so much warmth and colour to our living space, and its vibrant energy truly living up to its name.”